Naomi is fabulous. She is understanding approachable and empowering. I cannot recommend her highly enough, if you are looking for someone to talk things through with then she is your woman.

Highly recommend Naomi as a counsellor. I have been coming to her for almost a year now and my life has changed incredibly. The most understanding, caring person I've met. Without her I wouldn't be the person I am now!

I found Naomi during a very difficult time in my life and needed to offload and reflect on the difficult behaviour of people around me. 

She has been a wonderful source of calm and sage questions, helping me to figure out solutions to my problems myself. 

It takes a special person to get me to open up and get in touch with my vulnerability, but she did it and I am now benefitting from having spent time with her, discussing my boundaries and exit strategies for the issues, I face. Keep up the great work Naomi! 

Whilst I am not seeing Naomi now, I know she is there for me the next time I feel my boat is rocking in a stormy sea.

Naomi has supported me for a while, I was first referred to Naomi by my GP. I had been clinically depressed for a very long time. Despite many attempts, over several years, I had not been able to find the right counsellor for me. I wanted to work with a counsellor I could trust emotionally and Professionally. 
Naomi made a commitment to work with me in a way that no one had before. My trust in Naomi grew quickly and when my NHS sessions ended, I chose to continue my therapy with her.

Naomi's knowledge, skills and natural empathy have enabled me to recover and grow in confidence to a point where, after many years I can now say I am no longer depressed!.

I met Naomi by accident - or was it fate? our baby was diagnosed with a severe abnormality. I felt no-one understood emotionally what it was like or who could understand what I was going through. Naomi explained to me how important it was to be supported emotionally in such a traumatic time. It was hard walking through the door on my first session, but somehow Naomi made me feel at ease. 

Here are my words I have written to Naomi at the end of our sessions:
Thank you for your kindness, you're just bloody lovely!
The families you support are very lucky to have you.
Take care and thank you from the bottom of my heart.