"Naomi is fabulous. She is understanding, approachable and empowering. I cannot recommend her highly enough. If you are looking for someone to talk things through with then she is your woman."


"I had never had counselling before, so I did not know what to expect - Naomi made me feel comfortable straight away, and somehow it felt ok to be true and honest about how I was feeling and what my thoughts were. I realised that this was the first time I could really be open and honest about my inner thoughts, fears and feelings."


"Many Thanks and gratitude for your kindness, support and care you have shown me throughout my therapy. Each visit was a little gem to me, and I will never forget them - they are safely stored in my heart. "

"Highly recommend Naomi as a counsellor. I have been coming to her for almost a year now and my life has changed incredibly. The most understanding, caring person I've met. Without her I wouldn't be the person I am now!"

"Talking to Naomi throughout my pregnancy about my worries was a real blessing. She helped me evaluate certain things and break down the large anxieties I had about different parts, my son was a rainbow baby conceived after 3 miscarriages and was diagnosed with Talipes at 20weeks pregnant meaning my pregnancy wasn’t straight forward, I also have had cervical cancer so was being monitored by lots of different departments which was daunting on more occasions than I can explain. Being able to speak to someone on a neutral playing field, not a family member or a friend meant a real greater understanding of how I was actually feeling. I cannot recommend her and her services enough. She truly helped me stay calm and learn new things about myself which are life changing. A wonderful experience. Thank you from me and my little miracle baby."


"My baby was stillborn, but still born. I didn't know how to live without her, yet alone how to carry on with life. As soon as I walked into my first counselling session with Naomi, I knew she understood. She not only helped me with losing my baby, but the fear of returning to work paralysed me. Together we worked through those fears, and worked out some strategies on how to get through those difficult firsts. I would highly recommend Naomi's specialist baby loss service."

"I would highly recommend Naomi, she totally changed my perspective about counselling. She was very kind, a well-personalised service. She made me very comfortable and gave me the confidence to open up which was very therapeutic for me. Also, she taught me a lot that has now helped me to manage my grief and ready to start the next chapter of my life. I am forever grateful to her for empowering me on my next journey in life without any more fear or anxiety. "


"I found Naomi during a very difficult time in my life and needed to offload and reflect on the difficult behaviour of people around me. She has been a wonderful source of calm and helped me to figure out solutions to my problems myself. It takes a special person to get me to open up and get in touch with my vulnerability, but she did it and I am now benefitting from having spent time with her, discussing my boundaries and exit strategies for the issues I face. Keep up the great work Naomi!"


"Whilst I am not seeing Naomi now, I know she is there for me the next time I feel my boat is rocking in a stormy sea."

"Naomi has supported me for a while. I was first referred to Naomi by my GP, as I had been clinically depressed for a very long time. Despite many attempts over several years, I had not been able to find the right counsellor for me. I wanted to work with a counsellor I could trust emotionally and professionally. 
Naomi made a commitment to work with me in a way that no one had before. My trust in Naomi grew quickly and when my NHS sessions ended, I chose to continue my therapy with her."

"Naomi's knowledge, skills and natural empathy have enabled me to recover and grow in confidence to a point where, after many years I can now say I am no longer depressed!"

"I met Naomi by accident - or was it fate? Our baby was diagnosed with a severe abnormality. I felt no-one understood emotionally what it was like or who could understand what I was going through. Naomi explained to me how important it was to be supported emotionally in such a traumatic time. It was hard walking through the door on my first session, but somehow Naomi made me feel at ease."

"My partner and I lost our baby boy at 21 weeks into the pregnancy. We started to see Naomi a week after giving birth. We were so grateful that the Abigail’s Footsteps charity allowed us 6 free sessions with a counsellor who is a specialist in baby loss.

I found the sessions helpful and discussed each chapter of the journey from seeing the consultant, the birth, seeing our baby afterwards and then his funeral. I found myself looking forward to the next counselling session with Naomi and I knew I only needed to get through the next week before my next session. I found it comforting doing the sessions with my partner as it gave us both something to relate to and we would be able to help each other better when thinking or talking about our baby.

I felt safe in expressing how I felt and it helped me through the stages of grief. Naomi helped me mostly with guilt. She is a good listener who helps you explore where the feelings come from.

Naomi has gone on to help me with the issues I had from my childhood also. I highly recommend Naomi for baby loss counselling.

Thank you, Naomi, for helping me and my partner through this journey. It’s helped me focus on the love I have for my baby boy rather than the pain."