Parents With Disabled Children

Counselling for parents with disabled children

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With more than 27 years' experience of working closely with parents of disabled children, I fully understand the complications that surround being a parent of a disabled child.

Parenting a child with a disability or additional needs is often described as a roller-coaster ride of emotions and experiences. - It can be hard to talk to family and friends about how you feel or what you are experiencing.

Often parents are so focused on putting their child's needs first, they forget about looking after themselves emotionally.

Self-care is paramount, but don't let this lead you to think that self-care is selfish.

At Lifecare Counselling, I understand that living with a disabled child carries times of loneliness and isolation. The possible emotional, social, intellectual and physical complications experienced by your child may impact on you and your family.

Lifecare Counselling gives you the opportunity to share and explore your feelings, the joys as well as the concerns and anxieties you may have.

If you feel that you are struggling as a parent with a disabled child, please do not struggle alone. I can offer you a free 15 minute, no obligation telephone call to answer any questions you may have about specialist counselling and to see if I could help you.