What's it all about?

Have you asked Dr Google if you need counselling?

If the answer is yes – then I suspect that you may benefit from counselling

What’s all about?

Essentially, counselling provides a dedicated time and space for people to talk about things that are concerning or troubling them – sadly, that’s a luxury for many of us today.

Often people seek counselling for a specific reason, such as a bereavement, anxiety, depression, but it does not have to be related to a major life event.

Many of us, have had difficult experiences at some stage in our lives, it may have affected our self-esteem, or our ability to form meaningful relationships. For some, those events will not have hindered their ability to live their lives as they would like to – but, some  of us can feel burdened by these experiences, or feel as though we are stuck in a rut; and that’s when counselling could help.

You don’t need to be ill to benefit from counselling

Over the years, I have seen many clients for various reasons, some for devastating life experiences and some as part of sustaining mental wellbeing.  I have seen Business Owners and Senior Managers seek counselling as a way to enhance their performance at work and explore possibilities on the issues affecting their business.

Others realise that counselling can help let go of the ghost’s that haunt them from their past.

It is not unusual to ‘get through’  a traumatic life event and think you are doing ‘ok’ when in reality, counselling can help you live your life in a more fulfilling and meaningful way rather than just getting by.

What to expect?

Overall counselling is time-limited, but it can be open-ended if both counsellor and client agree. Generally, you will see the counsellor every week, for the first 6-8 weeks, although there can be some flexibility if you are seeing a private counsellor.

Counselling will certainly involve talking about earlier life experiences, including childhood experiences, and linking them back to current concerns or difficulties.  Counsellors believe the things we experience when we are young will shape the way we view others and ourselves and that will affect how we interact with the world around us as adults.

Fear Not - It’s a far cry from lying on the couch talking about the Oedipus complex and Freud.

Counselling Tip from Naomi

You need to be comfortable in talking with your counsellor – this is why I give all my clients a free 15 min no obligation telephone consultation.  I believe we need to work together for you to achieve your goals.

Our counselling relationship, will be unique, a space where you are not judged.

Counselling will make you reflect upon whom you are and what you want to achieve.  This journey is not always easy but life changing when you succeed in your goals.